About Me

My name is Travis Tessmer, an animator, designer, and graphic artist from Michigan. The one thing I love to do more than anything else is tell stories. They say a picture says a thousand words, so to me, animation is the art of writing a novel (something I also dabble in). I take a similar approach to everything I design. Why explain something with words when you can show everything you need in a graphic? Ever since I was a child, I've keep a sketchbook with me at all times because inspiration can strike me anywhere at any time. I've done a lot of travelling in my life and seen many diverse cultures and societies, which gives me an interesting perspective on things which many people may take for granted.

After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, I've worked for a startup company, as well as started up my own company with some fellow graduates. In my spare time I love gaining artistic and storytelling inspiration from movies and video games, keeping my communication skills sharp by performing improv, and challenging my brain playing board games. When I'm not doing all of that I also enjoy creating music on my computer, some of which I use in my animations. I view everything I do, work or play, as a learning experience and an opportunity to continuously expand my diverse artistic skillset. As you browse my website I urge you to read the descriptions of some of the projects I've worked on for more insight into how I approach my work.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website!

The Blank Frame 2012-2016

Skills Demonstrated: Working With Clients Organization Self Motivated Teamwork Motion Graphics

Confident in our animation skills, a few fellow graduates and I endeavored to start our own company. Within a short amount of time, we found ourselves working on a variety of client projects including the opportunity to animate a Stan Lee comic series. When not working with clients, we also had our own personal project in the works; an animated series called "Rough Cuts."


- 2015 independent horror movie Unfriended. Our animation was used as promotional material on social media.
- Animated Motion Comics. We worked with Pixo a Southfield, MI based company to animate Chakra: The Invincible, a Stan Lee created hero. Chakra premiered on Cartoon Network Asia and was picked up by Rovio for their animation website toons.tv. It has since been replaced by an actual animated series of shorts as opposed to motion comics. In addition to Chakra, we also worked on the first 20 episodes of Grant Morrison's 18 Days.
- Informational "Explainer Videos". Collaboration was key to meeting client needs. We created music and provided voice-over’s when necessary.

BookItGlobal 2012-2016

Skills Demonstrated: Graphic Design Motion graphics Multitasking Salesforce

While at BookItGlobal, formerly DivingGlobal, I was in charge of various projects in areas such as web design, graphic art, and animation. Below are some of my key roles at the company.

Volunteer Project:

- Assisted with company startup utilizing Salesforce CRM software.
- Created company logo and branding strategy.
- Designed company booth and brochures for DEMA Scuba Convention.
- Built and manage company website utilizing Bootstrap framework.
- Collaborate with team in Philippines on company projects

Internship at Lansing Community College 2011

Skills Demonstrated: Working Idependently Problem Solving Creativity Maya

Upon graduation from SCAD, I interned at Lansing Community College. While working for LCC, I was tasked with creating Stereo 3D animations using Maya and a proprietary plugin for a glasses-less 3D television (it was necessary to quickly learn to use the software that involved a complex rendering and stitching process). I was given the freedom to experiment; I took this opportunity to create 2D characters in stereoscopic 3D, develop texturing skills, create video game-style animation, and motion design of the LCC logo. In addition to this, I modeled surgical equipment for an educational game for the college's Surgical Tech program. Additionally, the school’s art program was in the process of being restructured and I was asked to participate by providing input.

Savannah College of Art and Design - BFA, Animation 2010

Skills Demonstrated: Independent Study Working Independently Group Work 2D/3D Animation Completing Projects No Matter What

At SCAD I focused on all aspects of Animation and while my passion is 2D, I also became well versed in Pre-Production, 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Character Animation. In addition to all of those things, I independently studied Stereoscopic 3D.

Eagle Scout 2006

Skills Demonstrated: Leadership Organization Work Ethic Volunteering

I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America. One of the last steps to Eagle Scout is to plan, develop and lead others in a service project.

Volunteer Project:

- Securing Monetary and Physical Donations from local businesses
- Organizing and leading a team of people of all ages to complete the project
- Work with a local Elementary School to determine the scope of the project